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The BioMechanoidsThe Biomechanoids
Main Trait: Well Balanced
The Biomechanoids live on a mechanical planet of their construction. They are well balanced in strategy and combat.
The B'okThe B'ok
Main Trait: Avoid Combat
The B'ok are a pensive and evasive race that live on a barren desert planet. They prefer to avoid outright combat.
The HumansThe Humans
Main Trait: Strategic
The Humans live on a paradise, green planet. They are an agressive, yet strategic race.
The OverlordsThe Overlords
Main Trait: Very Aggressive
The Overlords are relentless aggressors that are rumored to be demons confined in mortal bodies.
The PharoahsThe Pharoahs
Main Trait: Group Attacking
The Pharoahs live on a huge desert planet. The excel in group tactics.
The ScavengersThe Scavengers
Main Trait: Chaotic
The Scavengers live on a prison planet that resembles Earth. They are a loose collection of criminals from several stellar races. Expect chaotic and aggressive tactics.
The SentryThe Sentry
Main Trait: Group Attacking
The Sentry Dwell on a motionless and usually silent planet. They excel in group tactics.
The SlarThe Slar
Main Trait: Aggressive
The Slar dwell on a giant asteroid. They are an aggressive race, favoring firepower over strategy.
The SuccubiThe Succubi
Main Trait: Bursts of Aggression
The Succubi live on a harsh, blue planet hardened by ice. Expect bursts of aggression countered by periods of silence.
The WatchersThe Watchers
Main Trait: Tricksters
The Sentry Dwell on a motionless and usually silent planet. They excel in group tactics.

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