Love2D Spriter Library v0.9

6/25/2014 - I now have the animation packs that come with Spriter rendering properly. The library is now pretty much doing what I need it to do. Getting all of the details ironed out was a bit of a bear, and I noticed that several people on the forums were struggling, so I figured I'd release my code and do a video. Above is the video.
The source for the library is on bitbucket at
To run this demo, you must install Love2D.

Working on Spriter Interpolation

6/24/2014 - I now have the pivot issues debugged, and the stock spriter animations are almost rendering correctly. I have two related interpolation issues to fix, and I'll be ready to release the code for my Love2D Spriter library!

Spriter animations working!

6/15/2014 - It has been a long weekend. For a while there I was thinking that this was going to take a couple of weeks at least. But behold! A Spriter rigged Bullseye Boss!

Spriter Debugging

6/14/2014 - I am planning on animating my bosses with Spriter. Here is a quick video that I thought looked kind of cool. After several hours of digging through the data and rendering nightmare beasts, I finally have something that looks remotely like what it's supposed to be. Althought it's still a bit of a nightmare.