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Way way back in 1995 I was one of two programmers who wrote the game Cylindrix for Goldtree Enterprises. It was a DOS game. We wrote it before Windows was a viable option for gaming. Because of DOS's limitations we had to use DJGPP, the protected mode GCC for DOS. This allowed us to use more than 640k of RAM without having to mess with goofy EMS managers. We had to write everything from scratch...the keyboard interrupts, the graphics access, everything. I've been wanting to port it over to Windows for a while, since it wouldn't run on Windows2000 or XP. I recently got a burst of energy and decided to do the port to both Windows and Linux at the same time. I used the Allegro library to accomplish this.

I have obtained permission to LGPL (free software license) Cylindrix so here we are.

Click here for the current binary release

The above should work just fine on any Windows98 or above PC. To run on Linux you will need to compile the source code.

Click here for the current source code

Note that the source zipfile also contains the binaries, so you only need that file. You will need to compile the Allegro Library before you compile Cylindrix. The documentation on Allegro is excellent. If you're a competant Unix guy you should have no problem (haha...maybe some problems) getting all of this to compile under Linux.

Here is a mirror of the original Softdisk Cylindrix Site back when it was still on the market.

Controls: (Note: control remapping currently not working)

On the menu, use the up and down arrow keys to change selection, use the enter keep to make selection.

In Game
Forward Up Arrow
Backward Down Arrow
Rotate Left Left Arrow
Rotate Right Right Arrow
Accelerate (Air mode) A
Decelerate (Air mode) Z
Sidestep Left Alt
Fire Laser Left Control
Fire Missile Space
Mode switch (air/ground) S (tap quickly...a little flaky right now)
Special weapon X
Switch view mode V

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